Monday, March 01, 2010

Anti- Embryonic Stem Cell Language in VA House Budget

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

"Two perennial amendments pushed by anti-abortion legislators also found their way into the House committee's budget bill.

A language amendment would prohibit state funding of embryonic-stem-cell research but would permit entities that conduct such research, without using state money, to receive state funding. State funding of research using aborted fetuses would be prohibited.

A second language amendment would prohibit the distribution of state money to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or any affiliate. Very little general-fund money is given to the organization. Planned Parenthood says none of that money goes to abortions.

Similar amendments have failed in past sessions."

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Cathy Davis said...

Stem cells are the key to future medical breakthroughs. Their research will ensure cure for many dreaded diseases in the world. I hope the research will go on for the betterment of community.