Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Loudoun County Technical Center Adds Biotechnology Program

Charles S. Monroe Technology Center was established in 1977 to provide technology and vocational education to students in Loudoun County.

Last Spring, Education Reporter Julia Stewart and the Loudoun Independent Video Crew were provided with a tour of Monroe Tech, where they spoke with teachers and students from several different programs.

While some might assume that vocational education in public schools deals with older technology, nothing could be further from the truth. Monroe Tech has entered into a partnership with Virginia Tech to implement the new biotechnology program—available next year along with the new Veterinary Tech program.

Even traditional vocational classes like Automotive Science Technology takes a different approach in the modern work—often using computer diagnostic and training tools as often as a wrench.

Unlike many high school classes, many vocational education programs also enable students to obtain college credit or even obtain certification or a license in chosen field.

Programs at Monroe Technology Center include: Cosmetology, Environmental Plant Science, Computer Digital Design, Robotics and Computer Design, Automotive Science Technology, Culinary Arts, Television Production/ Digital Moviemaking, Health & Medical Sciences, Radiology Technology, Firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technicians.

Click here to take the video tour of the opportunities available at C.S. Monore Technology Center.

From the Loudon Independent

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