Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iambiotech Interview with Governor Kaine

While at BIO 2009 in Atlanta Governor Tim Kaine was interviewed by Check out yesterday's post on from their website with Kaine's video.

Today is the Democratic Primary in the Virginia Governor’s race. It’s been a contentious campaign season so far, with some heated debate over which candidate is the best choice to continue the legacy of the current Governor, Tim Kaine. On the day that the next Democratic nominee is chosen, we wanted to bring you a recent, exclusive interview with Governor Kaine about how he has helped grow the biotech sector in his state. This year, with the economic crisis front and center in the campaign, the role of biotech in building a robust innovation economy will no doubt be a hot topic. Here’s what Governor Kaine had to say:

We asked Mark Herzog, the executive director of the Virginia Biotechnology Association, about Governor Kaine’s record of supporting biotechnology in the state:

“While other states have cut back on their bioscience economic development investments during the global downturn, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation this year that enhances tax credits and incentives for bioscience-related start-ups. Governor Kaine signed that legislation into law and has, along with state legislators, received the thanks of the industry for the support.”

Watch the video.

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