Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Protocols for Life Scientists Available on the iPhone App Store

From Business Wire

Life Scientists can now access protocols at the bench on their iPhone™ or iPod® Touch using the Promega Protocols and Applications Guide (P&A Guide). Available on the App Store, the Promega App provides a comprehensive selection of step-by-step protocols across a range of molecular and cell biology applications, and features illustrations, animations of key techniques and cellular events, and regular content updates. Much of the information provided is useful and applicable to scientists whether or not they are using Promega products.

The Protocols and Applications Guide has served as a general reference tool for scientists since 1989. An online version has been available since 2004 and is a highly popular resource on the Promega web site. Today, some of the most popular chapters are PCR Applications, DNA Purification, Protein Expression, and Cloning. Online, thousands of downloads of various chapters of the guide occur each month around the world.

With availability on the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch, the P&A Guide content continues to keep pace with the evolution of information delivery in today’s world. To that end, Promega will continue to explore dynamic delivery methods that strive to meet or exceed the expectations of the scientific community and offer rich and specific information whenever and wherever it is needed.

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