Friday, March 27, 2009

iPS Cell Breakthrough? No cancer in induced stem cell

Bloomberg has the story here.

From USA Today:

Stem-cell lookalikes may end controversy

Stem cell researchers have created embryonic-cell lookalikes that don't have the cancer-causing genes found in earlier experiments.

The team led by University of Wisconsin researcher James Thomson Thursday released a study showing how it changed skin cells into "induced pluripotent" cells by adding growth genes that disappear after the new cells reproduce. Induced pluripotent cells can turn into all types of tissue, raising hopes that they can one day be used to create organ replacements, but they lack the controversy surrounding similarly-capable human embryonic stem cells. Embryos are destroyed in harvesting those cells.

Stem cell researcher George Daley of Children's Hospital in Boston called the new study "a beautiful and important contribution." The study will be published in today's Science journal.

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