Thursday, October 02, 2008

Boots Centre for Innovation-- Call for Proposals

Boots Centre for Innovation (BCI) - - has been established to work closely with early stage companies or inventors to develop pioneering products for the shelves of Alliance Boots stores that will improve the quality of life for consumers across Europe.

Alliance Boots is a leading pharmacy, health and beauty company with a retail network of 2,400 Boots stores in the UK, and access to 100,000 pharmacies across Europe.

Call for Proposals
We will be seeking proposal submissions of products and technologies that may be of interest to Alliance Boots in their 10 consumer focus areas:

1. Improve ways to diagnose, treat and monitor key aspects of health, beauty and wellbeing through use of devices
2. Support positive ageing through products and devices for mind and body
3. Minimize the complications of living with chronic conditions
4. Improve digestive health, particularly issues related to stress, poor diet and obesity
5. Improve and maintain the health, look and feel of skin
6. Minimize the severity and duration of pain
7. Improve quality of sleep for everyone, including pregnant women, babies and the elderly
8. Create more convenient methods of taking and using medicines and health products
9. Improve the health and appearance of teeth and gums
10. Improve the health, appearance and comfort of eyes

This is an excellent opportunity to have your technology or product potentially developed and sold through the vast Alliance Boots retail network.

New Product Innovation Seminar & Direct Interviews
BCI will also be hosting a New Product Innovation Seminar in Boston in early December, which will allow selected companies to understand how to access Boots with new ideas and how to work with them in partnership to bring ideas to the shelf across Europe.

Do you have a product concept or idea that you would like to submit to Boots Centre for Innovation?

Please complete the Boots Centre for Innovation Questionnaire by clicking here -

Proposal Deadline
The deadline for submission of proposals is October 30th 2008.

Additional Information
Please contact Louise Bryce - Tel: 011 44 1792 602 673, or email

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