Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BIOtech Now Podcast: Mark Herzog on Biotech in Virginia

From BIOtech Now:

Mark Herzog on Biotech Innovation in Virginia
Posted on September 12, 2008 by danmcgirt

BIOtech Now talks with Mark Herzog, executive director of the Virginia Biotechnology Association. Mark discusses the strengths of and recent developments in Virginia’s innovative biotech industry, as well as efforts the state is making to further accelerate the growth of the life sciences in Virginia.

With its strong research universities, advantageous location in the Mid-Atlantic, and a favorable business climate, Virginia is home to more than 175 biotechnology, equipment, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

According to Mark, Virginia gives strong support to emerging biotech companies. One challenge that success brings is meeting the changing needs of young life science companies as they grow. Making sure Virginia’s homegrown biotech companies have access to the advanced laboratory space, trained workforce and investment capital they need to reach the next level will help ensure that Virginia remains a leader in biotech innovation.

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