Monday, April 14, 2008

Virginia Biotech Association Awards at 2008 Science Fair

The Virginia Biotechnology Association presented awards at the 2008 Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, April 12, 2008, at George Mason University in Fairfax. The volunteer judges studied the abstracts prior to their arrival at the Fair and then voted on the top six projects to interview one-on-one.

After talking with each of the students, the judges made their final selections:

First Place: Erin Kim, 11th Grade
“Engineering of Stayphylococcus aureus Sortase A to improve protein detection and localization” (13005)
Category: Biochemistry
Region: Mathematics and Science High School, Clover Hill, Richmond

Erin also won second place overall for biochemistry.

Second Place: Hannah Meredith, 12th Grade
“A Wound with no Scar: Perfecting the Wound Healing Process” (19004)
Category: Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering
Region: Mathematics and Science High School, Clover Hill, Richmond

Hannah also won first place overall for engineering and biomaterials plus awards from the U.S. Army and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Third Place: Arun Dutta, 9th Grade
“An Inhibitor for Cells' Response To DNA Damage” (14001)
Category: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Region: Western Albemarle High School, Charlottesville

Arun also won second place overall for cellular and microbiology.

Thank you to our VaBIO Judges:
J. Patrick Vandersluis (chair), CEO, HealthRX
Jeff Conroy, CEO, Adjuvant
Matt Latimer, Partner, Latimer, Mayberry & Matthews IP Law, LLP
Mark Herzog, Executive Director, Virginia Biotechnology Association
Marshall Ferrin, Director, International Business Development, George Mason University
Nasir U. Ahmed, EE Technologist, Janelia Campus, HHMI
Gary Fletcher, Executive Director, Chesapeake Bioscience Education Foundation

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