Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bob Eaton Resigns As President & CEO of MdBio, Inc.

After more than ten years as president and chief executive officer of MdBio, Inc., C. Robert Eaton announced his resignation effective Friday, March 30. According to the Tech Council of Maryland (TCM), Mr. Eaton resigned to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

"Leading MdBio has been rewarding and challenging," said Mr. Eaton. "I am proud of the programs MdBio has developed over the last 10 years that support the growth of bioscience companies in Maryland."

Under Mr. Eaton's leadership, MdBio was instrumental in forging close ties to regional trade associations sharing a common interest in promoting the mid-Atlantic region's bioscience assets. "Bob's commitment to regionalism made the Mid-Atlantic Bio events possible," said Mark A. Herzog, executive director of the Virginia Biotechnology Association. "The political and economic divide between the two states can be pretty wide, but Bob was one of the first to recognize that the industry would benefit by bridging those gaps."

"The respect that MdBio enjoys not only in the state but also nationally is due in large part to Bob's tremendous commitment and hard work over the years," said Jim Leslie, Chair of the MdBio Foundation board of directors. "Through Bob's creativity and leadership, MdBio has been a significant contributor to the growth of Maryland's bioscience industry and also planted the seeds for future generations of industry employees through the organization's early education efforts like MdBioLab. Bob's work ethic and respect from both government and industry leaders is evidenced by his appointment to the Board of Visitors at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and the Board of Advisors at the Sloan Biotechnology Industry Center," added Leslie.

"Bob's efforts were instrumental in supporting the growth of our company and so many others across the state," said Dr. Lawrence Tamarkin, President and CEO of CytImmune Sciences, Inc. "His leadership will be missed."

According to the Baltimore Sun, there has been speculation that the merger and a loss of autonomy led to Mr. Eaton's resignation. When asked to comment by the newspaper, Mr. Eaton declined to comment.

MdBio and MdBio Foundation will conduct a national search for the next president. Until a replacement is named, Julie Coons, CEO of the Tech Council, will serve as interim president of MdBio and the MdBio Foundation.

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