Thursday, February 01, 2007

MdBio & VaBIO Launch Mid-Atlantic Bio Encyclopedia

As part of the ongoing efforts to meet the industry's long-term workforce needs, as well as to help the Mid-Atlantic community understand what the bioscience industry brings to our region and the world, the Virginia Biotechnology Association (VaBIO) is pleased to announce a new partnership with MdBIO and the National Institute of Science Media (NISM). NISM is a non-profit organization that is publishing a series of illustrated biotech encyclopedias, titled Working to Improve Lives. This is a nationally distributed series of books, published in a permanent, high quality, hardcover format. NISM recently published the first book in the series, the San Diego Life Science story, and is currently developing books covering the Mid-Atlantic region, the Bay Area, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

We encourage everyone to consider this opportunity to document their unique contribution to the bioscience industry. VaBIO & MdBio have worked to ensure that various levels of participation are available to meet each company's time and budget constraints. Please review each option and help us to create an amazing book showing the world the uniqueness of the Mid-Atlantic bioscience community.

Please direct any inquiries you have regarding this project to:
Joel Ball, Director, NISM
8639-B 16th St. , Silver Spring, MD 20910
1.866.NISM-123 Ext. 701/ Fax 1.866.647.6123

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