Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Mid-Atlantic Bio Experiment

Due to the remarkable response, the exhibit hall at the 2005 Mid-Atlantic Bio event is sold out. In fact, about 6 companies were added today to the waiting list and may not find a space in the hall. The number of major sponsors and the rush we have seen for the "early bird" registration rates is a pretty strong indication that this idea of merging the Virginia and Maryland biotech meetings into a joint event, with our two new partners, was well worth the effort.

The prevailing motivation from the start was to help raise awareness of all the great resources we have in this area-- from Gaithersburg on down through the Commonwealth to the Research Triangle. If a few more VC funds knew about the quality of this bioscience corridor, we might see an increase in deal flow.

Of course, something like that will take years to accomplish and this is just, I hope, a good first effort.

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